To mention there isn’t masses to do—it’s simply which you would possibly

While reputedly each interesting dust street leads right all the way down to a seashore that appears instantly out of a postcard, and you’re the handiest character round for miles. There aren’t anyt any chain shops or inns on Eleuthera (you may see a 7 to eleven comfort shop however no 7-Eleven), which lends to the sensation of being very a long way farfar from it all. I visited in January, the excessive season, and nevertheless had more than one seashores all to myself.

The excessive season is a tempting time to come—it changed into 5 ranges at the sour morning I left my residence in Boston and a brilliantly sunny seventy seven after I landed in Eleuthera. Glenda Johnson Ingraham, a lifelong resident of Eleuthera, expresses the sentiment that maximum locals share: “If I visit the seashore and there are 4 different humans there, I say it’s too crowded and I go away for some other seashore!” Avoiding all human touch at the island is ideal in case you’re searching for solitude, however could be a horrible waste in case you don’t engage with anyone, because the humans are one of the exceptional matters approximately Eleuthera. Everyone you byskip will name out a pleasant greeting (don’t worry, in case you’re journeying from a city, it’ll handiest take an afternoon or to recover from the “do I recognise them?” and “what do they want?!” feeling while a stranger waves at you.)

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