How to Refresh Your Browser Cache During Web Development

Internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge all have something called a “cache” that stores pages, images, scripts, styles and other files so they don’t need to download them every time you visit the page. This makes the websites you view load faster on samasitu. Cached files are stored for a certain amount of time, depending on a lot of factors including browser settings, browser history and instructions coded in the website itself.

When in the process of reviewing changes made during the development a website it is important to see only new pages and files. Nothing should be pulled from the browser cache. In order ensure you are only viewing the newest version of all components of a webpage, it is necessary to perform a “hard refresh” on the browser before reviewing each page that has been modified.

First navigate to the page you want to review and perform a hard refresh. Use the following steps depending on what browser/operating system you are using. For most browsers, the easiest way to perform a hard refresh is to hold down Ctrl or Cmd and hit the reload button directly to the left of the URL bar.

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