Get To Know IGCSE, One Of The Best Test From Cambridge International School

Get To Know IGCSE, One Of The Best Test From Cambridge International School

What makes a school with a Cambridge curriculum head above other options? One of the answers is thorough education and its unique curriculum plus tests. Global Sevilla Jakarta is one of the popular Cambridge international schools that fully encapsulates the curriculum. And one of its best offers is IGCSE, the test made for a global standard school. How good is it? 

What Is IGCSE? 

As seen and known globally, IGCSE is short for The international general Certificate of secondary education. From its information, the content is a content-rich program that prepares and gives students further study. This is a test mainly for a secondary school in international standard education. 

Looking further, IGCSE is based on the British curriculum GCSE but it has more international scope. It means the assessment is done by examination from the exam board school’s choice, in this case, Global Sevilla. But why Global Sevilla school in Jakarta? The school is one of the prestigious education bodies in Jakarta with international curricula. 

It is also because Global Sevilla is a Cambridge international school. It means the school can provide the proper test, education, and learning material for the students. It is especially needed since the Cambridge exam board has over 70 subjects to offer. Which later propose a better and different level of ability education both in core or extended curriculum paper. 

How Does The Cambridge School Provide It? 

IGCSE is a test for the secondary school level in an international school. To understand how the school provides the test, you can check Global Sevilla Jakarta. The school has IGCSE as part of the secondary-level curriculum. Each subject, language, and learner’s language are made to benefit the tests. In other words, it is made to help students learn fully in school and make their best on the test. 

Global Sevilla school itself develops the IGCSE for grades 9-10, which uses IG as its curriculum. The students use English as the main education language, but not forgetting their mother tongue. The learning activities also include joining projects, developing values, and learning with a character building mindset.   

As you can see, Cambridge school is not only a name. It is also a credibility and accreditation measure for the education institution, which indicates the uses of international curricula and its platform. Global Sevilla is one of the famous high-end schools in Jakarta that can provide the Cambridge curriculum and its IGCSE test. That itself is a reason you should check out Global Sevilla now.   Reference:

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